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Books by Mignon!

“Inspirational, educational, and positive books for children”

Mignon Pinson is a native Washingtonian. Mignon has always had a special love for children.
After having children of her own, they’ve inspired her to become more involved with stimulating
the minds of children with positive stories that they can not only read but also participate in.

She published her first book - Angel Bee from Heaven in 2006 and is an active member of the
Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, the Women's National Book Association. 

"Angel Bee from Heaven"

Many children are afraid of bees but not “Angel Bee”. Angel Bee is a warm, loving, caring “Bee” and always ready to inspire and teach children. “Angel Bee From Heaven” has been carefully written for the beginner reader and the text is very easy to follow. The illustrations are bright and colorful for the non-readers to enjoy as well. (babies - 7 years old)

My Two Best Friends are Hamsters

Does your child ever feel like they have to have another child around in order to have fun or to be happy? Is it difficult for your child to make right decisions while making friends? If so, "My Two Best Friends are Hamsters" will teach young ones how to be strong, make right decisions and learn that it's okay to have pets as best friends. (4 - 10 years old)

Angel Bee "Birthday Post Cards"

(10 pk.)

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