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SFS Pre-Photo Session Guidelines


Start moisturizing the visible areas of your skin good at least two days

prior to your photo shoot.


Finger and toenails should be clean and freshly trimmed with or without nail polish.


  • Solid clothing (colors that compliment your complexion)

  • No name brands

  • No busy attire

  • No logo hat or caps

  • No wrinkles


Clear Eye Mascara – (CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.)


Please make sure your son/daughter have plenty of rest prior to their photo shoot.


It's highly recommended that no more than one person is present during the photo shoot

(that one who brings out the most smiles and laughter). This allows SFS the opportunity to

photograph your child in a more relaxed environment while capturing natural smiles,

looks and expressions.

 Thanks for allowing SFS the opportunity to launch your career!

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