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About Us

Shooting Future Stars Entertainment (SFSE) is a sole proprietorship established in 1992. Mignon Pinson, CEO & Founder, serves as a direct liaison for infants, teens and adults breaking into television, film, commercials and print modeling careers as well as connecting them with established representatives.


With over 3 years of experience, Mignon has developed her own unique and phenomenally effective way of coaching, teaching and developing the actor's craft through classes, workshops and productions enabling talent to book film, print and TV roles.


Her group and private sessions are centered around encouraging and praising students for who they are and merging that into their art. This enables the student to flourish as both an actor and person. Many of her clients has successfully appeared in film and print advertisements.


At Shooting Future Stars Entertainment (SFSE), our mission is to empower storytellers and creators by providing them with the platform and resources to bring their visions to life. Our mission goes beyond mere entertainment. We believe in the transformative power of cinema and the ability of films to inspire, entertain, and provoke meaningful conversations. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to create exceptional cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.


We aim to empower aspiring filmmakers, animators, and screenwriters, helping them realize their dreams and make a lasting impact on the industry.  As a production company, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. 


At SFSE, we value integrity, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are driven by the belief that every story deserves to be told, and we provide the resources, expertise, and support needed to bring those stories to life. Our mission is to be a driving force in the world of cinema, inspiring and captivating audiences with our exceptional storytelling and visionary filmmaking.



Many of SFS Clients have appeared in print advertisements for Hecht's, Macys, Kids R Us, Toys "R" Us, and Giant; magazines such as Ebony; toy box packaging's; TV shows such as Sesame Street; movies; commercials for Whitehouse Apple Juice, MCI, FEMA, United Way, Busch Gardens and Playschool; radio; theatrical plays; and more.

Some of our clients have also worked with Tariji P. Henson, Will Smith, Ice T, Mariska Hargitay, Chris Rock, Traci Braxton, Clifton Powell, Rosie Perez, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Lisa Raye, Eva La Rue. Tim Reid and more.

Congratulation Kudos:


Maya for booking the roles of "Taylor" in Dads Do It Too TV series and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Ava in Patricia's Independence.


Patricia Independence TV Series Bookings:


Janiya Williams the role of "Carrie"

Phoebe Coleman the role "Gina"

Maya Jai Pinson the role of "Ava"


D'Nya for filming in "Another Way to Say I Love You".


  • Screenwriting Workshops

  • Casting Services

  • Acting Workshops

  • Career Guidance

  • Public Speaking Workshops (appointments only)

  • Videography

  • Private Coaching (appointments only)

  • PR Services








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