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Acting Workshop Testimonials

Top shelf and professional are the initial words that come to my mind when you ask me about Shooting Future Stars and its CEO and Director, Mignon Pinson.

Without reservation, I can honestly say that my life and my child's career have advanced to the next phase of entering "show business", thanks to Mignon Pinson and her creativity.

My daughter, Phoebe, was a student in the summer 2015 acting workshop. Her growth in the areas of projection, enunciation and team work were noticed at school and church when she was asked to read or make a presentation -- this after taking Mignon Pinson's class. What a difference Mignon Pinson makes in your child's life!

Her confidence level in cold readings and scene study for potential auditions have sky-rocketed! The private acting lessons were superb. These learning opportunities increased Phoebe's attitude in approaching any challenge. Confident, yet humble in the outcome is a valuable lesson learned in these sessions.

The headshots that Mignon Pinson created for Phoebe's portfolio were flawless and powerful. The character of Phoebe jumps off of the page into your heart. What a professional gift Mignon reflects in the art of photos.

We are excited about the future because of the lessons learned under Mignon's direction.

Thank you Mignon Pinson. We are so blessed to know you and Phoebe feels extra special now moving forward with her acting career.

I'm so glad we have signed up for this coming summer's workshop.

Thank you God for Mignon Pinson and her many gifts and talents!

La Verne Coleman, Excited Mom



I just want to express my appreciation to Ms. Mignon Pinson of Shooting Future Stars. I met Ms. Pinson a few years ago. Ms. Pinson did such wonderful work taking photos and producing such impressive and professional photographs of my daughter for her initial portfolio when she was 4.5 years. So professional that, the very same photos, along with my daughter's God-given gifts, were used to assist in my daughter being picked up by a local talent agency. Much appreciation and thanks to Ms. Pinson for having also a God-given gift for the art of photography and for having an "eye" for the right look.

In addition to producing such high-quality work in photography, Ms. Pinson provides creative and fun acting workshops for the kids. In 2015, Mikhayla participated in two workshops and had so much fun. Mikhayla enjoyed playing out roles/characters in various skits; Learning different techniques to bring out the "realness" of the characters. Mikhayla also enjoyed playing with the other kids and even established new friends/family in the process. "Mommy" (me) even enjoyed it and participated in one of the workshops. Ms. Pinson has a gift/knack for pulling out the best in each child. If your child has a natural gift of acting or performing or if you are simply desiring to help your child gain the necessary confidence in themselves to help in breaking "shyness", etc., Shooting Future Stars is where it's at. Your child will truly benefit and will gain valuable knowledge and tools to use in any field and as they go through life.

Thank you, Ms. Pinson, for your continued teaching, guidance and sharing of yourself and experiences to help our babies be all that God has called them to be!! - Cherye Dunston


 Thank you for the one on one audition couching of Elyse Miller. That was the best $25.00 I ever spent in preparing my daughter for an audition/interview. I thank you for your quick responds and your can do spirit. As a result of that couching Elyse was selected. I would recommend Shooting Future Stars to parents who want to prepare their children to have confidence in themselves and their gifts for auditions as well as interviews. Sincerely, Deloris C. Miller


Our family enjoyed Shooting Future Stars (SFS). It was an honor working with Mrs. Pinson. We went into everything with an open mind & it was all & much more than we could imagine. Our son Richard William Stuart, III., had a wonderful time in his acting classes. Sometimes you just don’t realize what potential your child may have until you take a seat & look at what he or she can do. Richard remembered his lines & had fun at the same time. In the play was when we could see all of the children’s hard work; those Saturday. mornings were worth it. All of the children did well it was evident they had a great time. Richard is on his way & we appreciate Mrs. Pinson for seeing something in him. - Lakisha & Richard Stuart


What an EXCELLENT workshop and Awards banquet Shooting Future Stars offers! You have not experienced uniqueness until you've had the opportunity of seeing your child's work from attending Mrs. Pinson's acting program. You feel the love that she shows each and everyone one of our kids while in her class. We were able to drop our kids off, run errands and never worry about the safety of our kids or their well-being with the other students. Mrs. Pinson's commitment and patience is like know other one I've ever come across. None of the kids ever wanted to leave (willingly) once the parents returned to pick them up. Mrs. Pinson, our kids and the parents truly love you, appreciate what you've done and your expertise. - The Thomas Family


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing Mouryha to participate in the summer program. This opportunity allowed her to test a dream. She loves the Arts; she privately would sing, dance, and role-play alone or with her toys. She now has the confidence to venture out and and publicly display things she has wanted to do....and, she is confident. So, she is well on her way and she will be back. Again, thanks for the opportunity. - PJ


Mignon, I just wanted to say the reception was very very nice and the kids loved all the gifts, especially the BET snuggle. You are a gift to the kids, thank you for sharing your gift!     Yvonne Nichols


"I want to THANK YOU again for working with Dajah over the last six weeks. The acting sessions helped bring Dajah out of her shyness!! Dajah accomplished more self esteem to be able to perform in front of an audience. I think participating in such a program as "Shooting Future Stars" prepared Dajah for future performances. Thanks for the opportunity!" - Gwendolyn Epps Childs


"Mrs. Pinson, the expertise, attention, dedication and follow-up of Shooting Future Stars and the differences made in such a short period of time was remarkable. My daughter really loves performing and dreams to be a singer - but to be a singer you have to have stage presence and acting skills so we landed in the right place and with the right person. Thank you for allowing us into your world, we are so glad you said yes! We are looking forward to working with you in your upcoming sessions. God Bless You!" - Carmen Foreman and Kendall Foreman


"I would recommend this workshop to any child who would like to learn how to speak in front of a large crowd. My daughter was a little shy and had problems speaking in front of a large crowd. She wanted to lean how to speak in front of large crowd and to also learn how to memorizing lines. She took this workshop this summer and she has gain confidence about her speaking abilities and she feels good about her new found ability. We feel as though she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish; she will attend future workshops. The workshop was great because Mignon is a great teacher with a lot of encouragement and patience. She has a great ability working with children and bringing out their hidden abilities." -

Denise McDonald



Mrs. Pinson, I just wanted to thank you for all of the opportunities that yo have allowed Lindsey, thus far. We really appreciate all that you have done and do. We look forward to working with you during the September acting workshop.


"Mrs. Pinson, I was so elated by all that you covered in your program during the summer 2013, for Shooting Future Stars. My daughter (Lindsey Cook, age 9)has a lot of personality and is by far not shy, but she learned many techniques to apply and better her acting skills. The time, patience, dedication, and hard work that you put into the program was remarkable. I am so glad that we were able to attend the summer 2013 workshop. I learned a lot as well as my future star. We are all on our way thanks to Shooting Future Stars." - Maya Goosby and Lindsey Cook.

Talent Testimonials

“The level of service at Shooting Future Stars is fantastic and highly recommended.

Khalid and I would like to thank Shooting Future Stars for initially guiding us down the right path in the entertainment industry. It is wonderful to meet someone in this business that is HONEST and RELIABLE. As Khalid's career continues to blossom we will always hold SFS close to our heart as a BRIGHT SHINNING STAR. Again, thanks for all of your support!” - Pamela Lee

“Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph my sons. We appreciate your expertise and all of the advice that you have given us concerning the advertising industry. As a result of your mailing our pictures, we have gone to New York and my youngest son has been offered work from an agency. This has been a very positive experience for us. We will be sure to refer our friends to you. We will keep you abreast" - Lisa and Daryl Hayes

"I am writing you this letter to you in gratitude for all the work that you have done for me in my quest to break into the entertainment area. I contacted you in November 1994 about becoming a model. By January 1995, I was signed to a one year exclusive contract in New York. Since then, I have been on several auditions, received private coaching lessons and appeared in two major films. All of these opportunities have been due to your close and meticulous counseling. You have been a source of support and guidance every step of the way. I appreciate your interest in making possible the opportunities that have been made available to me and my career." - Chartese & Crystal Day

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and information regarding the child modeling industry. When we came to take Sean's pictures on Saturday, October 22, 1994, we weren't expecting a response until a few months later. However, by the good grace of GOD, we received a response 2 weeks later (October 31, 1994). Finally, SFS I can't say thank you enough for all of your help you have given my family during our journey on this wonderful excursion!!!!!!!!!!"

- Nicole' Haile and Sean Mason

*More upon request*

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